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So, how can we explain the hundreds, if not thousands, of FarmersOnly. Surely, commercial time costs a shitload of money. Actually, the explanation might be something else. According to several sources, it turns out that a sizable percentage of FarmersOnly. Many actually live in the suburbs and even in big cities. People all over the country seek love, sometimes in some mighty strange places. founder on why rural Americans need their own dating site

The site has aired at least a dozen different commercials. Not a single Black person. The marketing which is overwhelmingly straight and white does beg a serious question. To give some balance here, minority groups have their own dating websites and advocacy organizations. Actually, I agree that people should be free to choose who they want to date and our advertising will reflect these preferences.

There are significant numbers of farmers and ranchers out there who are not White. There are certainly large numbers of people who are gay living in rural America. Notice any particular racial similarities about this healthy herd of heifers? If it is — then I need to move to the farm and join the NRA. The equivalent of 72 virgins are calling my name. There are a lot of dating web sites that cater to a subset of the population. I find it somewhat disturbing that you single this one out.

Nobody tell Nolan that some of the men who sign up at cougarlife. There are trolls on the Internet, and some people go around representing themselves as different people than they are in real life. TV Commercial, 'The Fishing Date'

It sounds like it might be news to some people, or at least one of us. I can understand why folks would think that FamersOnly would be an appealing proposition. Seems to me that this fills an understandable void. Are there correlations between this self-identifying population and certain social and political beliefs that you and I find distasteful?

However, to single out this one group for scorn is hypocritical. And you have the same objection, right? And you publicly insult the people who subscribe to that site the same way, right? Often times I hear folks on the right babble on about how hypocritical folks on the left are about their own intolerance. Why is it so hard to comprehend the criticism of FarmersOnly.

Is this the Onion? You just hammered rural Americans, farmers, and ranchers with grossly offensive stereotypes and insults. They are trying to avoid people just like you. What would you possibly have in common? I am a country girl and lots of farmers and cowgirls are good wonderful people.

However, beware my abusive farmer ex is on that dating site. Run like hell cause he will beat and torture you mentally and physically.

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  • Farmers only dating commercial 2016.
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  • Can Someone Explain (Because We City Folks Don't Fucking Get it) - Nolan Dalla.

The Non rural, urbane populous are often the ones accused of being elitist, snobby, and cynical. If I were in charge and tasked to find seemingly innocent ways to keep otherwise decent people from communicating with one another — much less dating — this seems like a good idea. The job is already accomplished in politics — might as well head on over to the dating pool. I am not a farmer but am the son of a farmer, grew up on a farm and have lived in farm country most of my life. Every one that I have talked to about these ads thinks that they are stupid.

That was my first thought, Jim. I can think of a worthy rationalization for this dating service, though: It makes sense, in a sensible way, to look for a mate who understands what farming means to them as individuals, parents, members of a community and an essential, still essential, part of the workings of this country. I said it was a rationalization!

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The nation benefits from those farmers: There is even a social effect: They survived the Dust Bowl. Unless there are more generations. It may or may not be effective, but I doubt it started out on the farm. I really liked the girl in the Daisy Dukes and heels on the horse riding date. How could anyone fault her riding skills when she rode around that ring hanging by a single leg, er, foot. I doubt the talking dog or the bevy of properly attired girl riders could come anywhere close to doing anything like that.

I have no interest in dating a lady who wants me to be a farmer. I would definitely go fishing with an attractive woman though which would float my boat. Still, a group for people that dislike city folk? Seems kind of dumb to me. I think FarmersOnly is a front. Maybe someone could start a dating group for mothers that like trucks. They could call it mothertruckers.

Steve Dahl in Chicago had a radio bit by that name in the s. It had nothing to do with actual mothers though.

City folks just don't get it: Farmers Only, the dating site for country people | Daily Mail Online

Farmers Only is probably just the name determined most likely to ward away Black people from joining. And in a sense this goes right to the core of the issue. It seems to me a basic conservative principle and I suppose an indicator of sovereignty of the person that they have and should have the right to decide according to their values. They do not read Chomsky and Eric Fromm.

Actually they are sort of living forms of resistance to much that is modern and, seen in some ways, perverted. I do not see it as an ethical wrong to augment a sense of difference, nor to ridicule nor to hold in contempt either the ideas that have informed moderns, or moderns urbanites themselves.

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I think people need to learn again HOW to cultivate difference as well as separation and distinction. The value needs to be about how to get out from under those impositions. If country folks want to exclusively date each other, or gay people want to just date each other, straight, fat, skinny, ugly, good looking, smart, dumb, black, asian, or even dare I say it WHITE people, then that is their own business. I mean, I suppose you could sign up on a site like that, but you are just wasting your time and theirs, and for what? That is just being a jerk IMO. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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