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Very Early WRA Parts - M1 Garand

These were removed during rebuild so if you have one, it's extremely rare and also suggests it was never rebuilt. The lock bar was retrofitted, and after WWII, a suitable non lock bar knob was developed - the TE1 - with a captive nut that kept it from falling off.

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As an aside, there were 3 types of lock bar, and they go from short pinion rounded, to long pinion rounded to long pinion square as shown in the picture above. Summary I agree that there is no way to ever confirm that a rifle has not been rebuilt at some point, and that non rebuilt rifles are rare. However, it your rifle meets all the above criteria, then the odds are that it has either been very carefully and meticulously restored by someone with access to a large number of parts that enabled them to restore both the correct configuration and the correct parts and parts numbers, or that it has in fact never seen an arsenal rebuild.

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In either case it would be a very uncommon Garand. Originally Posted by Combat Diver. Thanks guys you've been more than helpful! I would like to post pictures for yall to see how do I do that? Thanks for all the help guys. And on the right side of the barrel reads- S A 2 I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your rifle is NOT all original, that is, as it left the armory.

A dead give-away is the on the trigger housing. The wasn't around yet when your rifle was made. The -9 SA not 8A op rod which you refer to as the charging handle is also from the late war period. It has been through at least one rebuild. Sorry to burst your bubble. From you post, it is obvious you are a serious fellow military arms collector.

M1 Garands Prices & Trends (with historical values)

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When I started out, there was no internet. I had to read, write letters and hope I got answers in return, and a lot of it was just plain figured out. In Duff's red book, on page where he talks about the T26 Garand, it was I who gave him that information. My [late] father was in the rd PIR in the Pacific and he had one and I remember him telling me about it when I was just starting out.

Unfortunately, Dad has been gone since '79 and I didn't know at the time exactly what questions to ask. Any way, again, thanks for the warm welcome and I intend to hang around here for awhile. Jon PS I know we all like eye candy so here goes. Combat Diver likes this. Last edited by musketjon; at Originally Posted by musketjon. All the toys are in working order and get played with at least semi-irregularly. It's fun as Heck to shoot and I don't have the messy clean up afterwards. Again, I don't miss the clean up.

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Only "original parts" M-1s I ever saw were with the last Greek returns. Several rifles were still sealed in the factory packaging, and sold at auction for high prices. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Garand time Registered User. Registered Users do not see the above ad. Webley Garand time likes this. Dollar Bill Beartooth Regular. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Combat Diver Beartooth Regular.

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Beyond politics, perceived availability might be a contributing factor, so an information request was sent to the CMP about the availability of their M1 Garands at that time or if there were any price changes — anything that indicates an increase in demand or might signify to collectors a dwindling supply. However, even using the limited information available on their website, it would be several years before various grades of guns would be sold out.

This will be discussed more in the relevant data set.

Yes, the initial spike of this trend coincides when Democrats retained the White House, but were there any other contributing factors? If so, they could be telltale signs for savvy collectors to recognize and put to their advantage. During this period, there do not seem to be any pop culture influences toward the end of the previous period or the beginning of this one that would lead to a dramatic increase in purchasing. While the HBO mini-series The Pacific was released in , it was approximately a decade prior that saw the great gamut of World War II movies hoping to capitalize on the popularity enjoyed by Saving Private Ryan In other words, the big influx of World War II movies at the box office happened much earlier and one could assume that any resultant bump in M1 Garand sales would have happened years prior.

Also, there were no general indicators that the overall supply was decreasing, which would also increase demand and price. Even with a lower average condition In fact, the trend continues, though not at the astronomical rate as seen in In fact, this is the smallest measured increase for the time periods noted. Demand may have cooled, but it did not subside entirely. The categories listed as sold out during this period were:. Sold out November 16, Data Set 4 — Present. Given that this data set is not quite the full range of the others, it was given a slightly larger M1 Garand pricing sample size to help compensate.

Election time reared its ugly head again in with most major outlets predicting a Democratic victory. The CMP has not offered those two upper echelons of M1 Garands for sale for years, though the exact dates are not listed on their website. This article is primarily intended to look at high end, regular M1 Garand rifles, but the factors listed here have also invariably affected the M1 Garands for sale at other price points.

If this information were available, one could draw strong conclusions regarding the trends of demand for U. While information is limited and educational guesses abound as to why the prices of M1 Garand rifles have risen so dramatically in recent years, the data unquestionably indicates that they are steadily increasing. Gun genres that are popular tend to set new price points going forward, not revert back to old ones, with notably few exceptions.

It could be the political seasons.