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And if, by chance, you should meet a fellow local slumming in any of these bars, and the two of you wanna get it on, we've included the rates for an impulsive, you've-gotta-have-it double room. After all, there's more than one way to say "Bottoms up. In fact, Bernard's, at any of its early hours, serves as little more than a gathering place for business folks sneaking a beer or a glass of Chablis before heading home.

This is not to say that the tiny basement attachment to the Hotel Seattle doesn't try its best to get patrons in the mood--the focal point of the room is a grand mural featuring a medieval character whose very large sword hangs phallically between his legs, and a damsel looking much like the late Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth in Orlando offering her upturned flower to him. However, an intrusive air conditioner that snaps constantly like a bug zapper punctuates all conversation among the bar's mostly male clientele.

The Stranger's Guide to Hotel Bars

At one point during my visit, two police cars stopped in front of the establishment, spun around, and raced south, sirens blaring. The Alexis Hotel proprietors didn't embarrassedly cover this noirish scene with a thick velvet curtain. Instead, they capitalized on it, keeping the windows big and open, so their clients--predominately men between 45 and can view the outside world with their practiced disdain. The establishment itself is a tribute to a wistfully bygone era of gentlemanly civility.

The bar is lined with imported whiskey bottles and exotic Scotch liquors that the patrons can only envy in their hedonistic ignorance. The walls are covered with the musty art deco of leather-bound books and rare cigar boxes. The only things you'll find disrupting this faux earlyth-century vision is the television tuned to sports and the occasional lone woman working feverishly on a laptop.

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This bar doesn't advertise, but given its unique niche, it doesn't need to. The place is dim, noble, with comfortable chairs and a marble-topped bar. The Warwick's specialty is wine, and the place is usually busy during weekday happy hours, attracting mostly professional women, who visit after work. The bar has other significant nights and hours such as when the flight attendants from US Airways visit , but in terms of erotic possibilities, none comes close to the Brasserie Margaux's weekday happy hour. She needs a good fuck. She will not find it among the sterile men with whom she competes in the offices high above the streets, so she must descend to dim places like this posh bar, to find the common man--the man who can produce an erection with the energy of a cobra.

Indeed, on a late afternoon like this, with twilight seeping through the restaurant's south windows, and the Platters singing, "It's twilight time" on the bar's soft stereo, the sight of all these needy women in power suits is something more than marvelous. No effort was made to ennoble the space; it's all very bland and functional, like a cheap porn movie.

To hell with period themes, decadent marble, cherry wood furnishings--you don't go to a hotel bar to admire the setting, but to meet and seduce a stranger as quickly as possible.

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And anything that might obstruct, blur, or obscure this primary objective has been effectively banished from this bar. Indeed, if I were a pimp a career move I'm seriously considering after visiting this bar , I'd bring my girls nowhere but here. Not for the sports stars, mind you, but for the lesser-known ball players, because these minor men are more likely to have free time no interviews or obsessed fans , free morals no contractual obligations to be a role model , and money to waste on the pleasures of the night.

The lounge's bartenders seem pragmatic and unmoved by the frenzied world of desire that swirls around them; they offer no value judgments, and are not talkative. Everything's business as usual at the City Brew Lounge. Despite popular opinion, the Cloud Room is not a place for romance, be it fleeting or permanent. The drinks are far too weak and expensive, and the music performed by a rotating pair of one-man bands will stifle any sexual flame quickly after it is ignited.

Flirt Across America: How to Thaw the Seattle Freeze

Of course, there is the view, but with the recent debacle of the expanded Convention Center, even that has lost much of its luster. The one saving grace may be the elevators--mirrored, dimly lit, and slow-moving--but onboard coitus, be it rising or falling, is frowned on by the hotel's staff. Walk deeper inside and you'll discover that you've entered a dark, smoky tavern with an odd mishmash of style and purpose. Japanese slot machines line the walls, bamboo furniture stolen from the Disneyland set of The Swiss Family Robinson surrounds the bar, and soul music plays from the ceiling speakers.

The effect isn't exactly sexy, but the Dragonfish is comfortable and cheap.

The bar serves one of the best happy-hour bargains in town: Occasionally hotel guests hang out at the bar, but the Dragonfish's customers are mainly locals and workers from other hotel bars in the neighborhood. This is one of the Dragonfish's strengths--it stays open later than any of the other hotel bars, many of which close around Make time for a trip to the bathroom. It's a walk through the lobby, an elevator ride to the second floor, then down a long, terrifying hallway lifted straight out of The Shining.

If you're looking for a quick tumble with a paper pusher, check it out. I walk in and am immediately five inches taller and five times more alluring. I can't help it, it's the room--a deeply satisfying cocoon, dark and windowless, completely closed off from the world and the weather and all other signs of practical life. Lonely hearts are scattered at the bar, staring into their Sapphire and tonics.

How to Get Laid At A Bar In About 15 Minutes

A group of wealthy hotel guests, brand-new Mariners logos smeared across their chests, shares late-night fancy food: It's all so civilized. I feel confident, grown-up, foxy even in this light, everyone has perfect skin. This is not a city where you can simply post up at a bar or lie down in a park and expect male attention. This goes for both sexes, but common interests are the gateway to meeting the guys here. Are you a book person, an outdoors person, or a Seahawks fan?

I coached some shy students in Seattle, and with just a little OK, sometimes a lot of encouragement, many were able to get phone numbers, dates, and more. While I was on the clock, I met some fun women up there myself. One piece of advice: Bonding over books is a thing that actually happens in Seattle. If you want to flirt over books: You have to do something with all that rain, after all.

The Elliott Bay Book Company is a hit with locals, is open till 11 p. One of them walked up to a girl, said something about the book she was looking at, and eventually left the store with her. If you want to flirt with yuppies: The Belltown district is young and upscale with the greatest concentration of nightlife, and we met some women there who broke the Freeze stereotype.

If you want artsy flirting: The next one will be held Aug. Hipsters congregate at the Cha Cha Lounge. If you want to flirt with hipsters: There are several other indie-type bars within walking distance you can hit up as well. If you want to get picked up by a Seahawks player: If you want tech-assisted flirting: When in Nerd Rome, do what Nerd Romans do. As you might expect from a tech hub, a lot of people play the online game here, and Tinder, a location-based dating app, is especially popular with the younger crowd. If you want to do one, click here to begin. Or just start one, if you know what to do! Hang with other Redditors. Click here for full list of related subreddits, including city and town subs.

You can filter posts on our subreddit by their assigned flair. Use the following links to sort content by your preferred method. Discussion Where to pick up women in seattle self. If this all sounds pretentious, and ridiculous, that's fine. But I'm just trying to be direct and clear with my intentions. I will be traveling to Seattle soon, from New York, on business. I don't know the scene whatsoever.

I'll be staying downtown on a weekend, and at night want to go out to pick up women. Where are the best spots to do so? I'm happy to spend money at the expensive places- bars, lounges, clubs. I'm 30, white, good enough looking, and am not afraid to strike up a conversation with strangers. Any suggestions for the best places to go at night? Be aware that women in Seattle aren't entirely used to men picking them up-- as a woman from NYC, I found Seattle men to be relatively passive and roundabout.

Baltic room might be a little gritty for NYC standards but it is what it is. It's not that far from downtown either. Be sure to visit one of our fun pot shops while you are here: I think plenty of women need to be picked up at nursing homes.

Oh, that's not what you meant. Grand Theft Auto Bellevue 3 comments 2: Just noticed this quick shot in a GMC commercial 9 comments. I'm a bot, beep boop Downvote to remove Contact me Info Opt-out. You know, those little creatures who snuggle up against you and rob you of all your body heat in winter? If you're good looking and can hold a conversation unlike most Seattle mouth breather tech bros aka have you played "pandemic" you should have someone sitting on your face by Through the power of google, I've seen a lot about Amber and Austin Manor.

Are those good spots? Austin Manor is a bro filled hell hole. I've seen some good-looking ladies come out of Amber.