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Yutaschin , Darkyoda , vasencety and 3 others like this. Mar 6, Messages: May 21, Messages: I think they're sadly at the end as a group. Their popularity has been seriously freefalling for a while and do any of the members have any solo activity not the most up to date with the group so not sure?

They look like they're not doing anything and the fact that they didn't have a comeback since the start of a year despite the fact that they don't have much solo activity is a pretty bad sign I can understand rare comebacks when members are all busy with their own activities but it doesn't look like it's the case for them. I don't see them renewing their contracts but I guess you never know. Nuuuuuuuu I was wondering where the hell they were at I will be really sad if they break up.

I love them for it, but we probably won't see a lot of them once the group is done. That would make me sad. Mar 19, Messages: Teen Top leaving Top Media isn't necessarily a bad thing for me, anyway since they're a bad company. Joe, though… I'm a little worried about that honestly.

Don't think they'll be disbanding anytime soon tho. Sep 26, Messages: The other girls lost everything because of that without doing anything: Lol, "Niel" because his real name is Daniel he's Korean, did not born in a foreign country whatsoever. Well within the fandom, Changjo is a lot of people's bias Hoya's case he said in a concert and look at some inspirits' pathetic attempt, nah he didn't say nigga he said leggo duhhhhh. I am actually a fan of their's despite being a guy So you can say the same for yourself. And yes, I exaggerated because it's common joke amongst people who know actually them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

You took my comment too literal. I sincerely apologize for laughing at the Nugulympics.

Taylor Swift spotted in Nashville as Joe Alwyn dating rumors go public - AOL Entertainment

I'll be more careful from now on and will reflect. I knew this day would come I hope that she will love u right Well I think Koreans still beat their kids. I know a lot of Americans still do too but most public schools have abandoned the practice. Of course a hard blow to the side of the head has never been considered a disciplinary spanking. Depending on the age of the child that kind of blow can cause serious physical damage not including what it does to your psyche.

If I saw someone do that to a child on the street I'd call the police immediately or intervene if needed. I do hope the woman was arrested.

[LUKEWARM] [NB] Teen Top's agency denies Changjo's dating rumours with some girlgroup member

The interaction between her character and Kim Tan's mother was one of the bright spots in that drama. It was just on the news again and she did get arrested as well as the school being shut down. The boss of the school was kneeling on the ground apologising etc. Then they further showed cctv footage of other day cares where kids were getting abused. It seems they've been a lot of cases coming out recently in Korea.

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I was replying to the person that was trying it. It was three at the most. TaengKoong Cup one and the Oreos. Everything else is reaching. Compare that with this post.

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She act tho I've seen some of the fancams And her face look weird. I thought I was the only one who saw the resemblance! Especially when he had curly hair. Sorry to disappoint you.

Her freaking nose aren't made by Surgeon to be exact. I think she looks really beautiful! I couldn't believe that it was her. And this is coming from someone who thinks she was the least good-looking in snsd. Don't hate me for stating this since beauty is subjective.

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I'm not saying she was ugly, but her appearance didn't appeal to me. I think the new eyebrows really made her stand out in this musical. The eyebrows suit her face shape, I think. But the eyebrows and the make up really highlight her features!

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She really looks beautiful in the black gown. I just read up on this gone with the wind musical and the woman seohyun is playing is supposed to be a stuck up bitch who ends up being divorced.

Fans are FREAKING OUT After Joe Sugg CONFIRMS Romance

I tried to explain the subject as a whole, because Sulli case is more complicated than what most people think. I would really rather that you back your comment up with references to professional sources. Or a written statement from anyone in the aesthetics field. Thank you so much. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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Lily January 14, at 1: Aaa January 14, at 2: Lorena January 14, at 2: Knook January 14, at 2: In July , Niel was caught in a dating rumor with the same female. Soon after, all members of Teen Top deleted their personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. As the rumours started from the aforementioned social platforms, Leader C.

#Niel: “Teen Top” Idol Allegedly Caught Dating; Company Denies Rumors

Teen Top will also only communicate with fans on their official group accounts. Several proofs were brought forward by fans, but the company and Changjo neither confirmed nor denied the news. What are your thoughts on the dating rumours?