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What is shown in your photo is compression fittings which have a straight or running thread.

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The seal is made by either a ferrule or a rubber washer. In your case, the connection between the copper tube and the supply hose has been made as follows:.

The seal on the copper tube is made by a ferrule that is located under the nut. As the nut is tightened, the ferrule is compressed between the coupling and the pipe. The seal on the supply hose side is made by a rubber washer which is usually built-in the the nut of the supply hose. The compression coupling would have come with two nuts, one of which has been discarded as the supply hose has one built-in.

Here is a link to such a valve. Do you have the paperwork that came with the fridge? It should show the ice maker install and maybe say the size of the valve. Where is the water line tapped from? You could put your valve on the copper pipe side.

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Be sure there are no burrs on the copper tubing after you cut it. Sometimes you need to file the edges.

If the pipe cutter is not sharp it can mushroom the ends and that will make it seem that it is not the right diameter. However, the copper line is a hard line and it gets crimped especially when you or someone else is careless in moving the refrigerator around to clean or whatever. Using two crescent wrenches, here's what to do if you already have a hard copper line to the back without a shut off valve anywhere in site. Carefully do it yourself or get a plumber to cut the copper line with a copper pipe cutter, a nice clean cut, a couple of inches this side of where the line comes out of wall or cabinet as long as it's not crimped, you're ok to cut it.

However, the best thing to do anytime you are connecting a line to either a faucet or refrigerator or whatever the case may be, before you put that last connection on the refrigerator, put that end in a big bucket and turn it on to clear the line of air and grub, because who knows how long it's been sitting. Plus, if you've got air in the lines, that's a whole nother headache, trust me you do not want! Get the air out! You can do all of this yourself too!

How to Hook Up a Water Line to a Refrigerator From the Sink

Don't forget to check everything for leaks! By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What size is an ice maker connection? A make and model of the refrigerator might help, as this may be proprietary. In your case, the connection between the copper tube and the supply hose has been made as follows: If you have a model of refrigerator that is 10 years old or older, the ice maker, including the part that hooks up to the copper tubing, is likely to be located in the freezer.

If you have a newer model, it may be located in the refrigerator door. Run the tubing to your refrigerator. Pull your fridge out to access the back of it. Depending on where you accessed your cold water pipe, carefully run the water line towards the back of your fridge. Avoid leaving the tubing somewhere it might get damaged, stepped on, or crushed. Try to run it flush against the bottom of your walls or cabinets where it is most likely to be safe. Use a compression fitting to attach the piping to the ice maker. Compression fittings are fittings comprised of an outer nut and inner ring that join 2 pipes together.

Ice makers will often come with the appropriate compression fitting for the cold water outlet. Follow the instructions on your manual to attach the piping properly, as refrigerator and ice maker models vary. Use nylon cable clamps to attach the tubing to your fridge. Avoid leaving the copper tubing hanging behind your fridge.

Clip it firmly to the side of the fridge using 0. Use a screwdriver to secure the clamps with standard No. Measure the space you have available to install the ice maker.

EZ Connect Ice Maker Installation - LEARN Whirlpool Video Center

Using a tape measure, find out the height, length, and width of the space you have chosen to install your ice maker. This will help you narrow down what model of ice maker to purchase. An ice maker would be well-located under your kitchen cabinet to the side of your sink or refrigerator. Choose an ice maker that best fits your needs. Under-counter ice makers are available in a large range of sizes with different production and storage capacities.

Smaller models generally yield less ice and are less expensive.

Ice Maker Water Hookup for Refrigerator Easy Way - No Teflon Tape needed, only Wrench

Shop for a model of ice maker with a drain pump. A drain pump is a pump that pulls waste water away from different sources, including ice makers, and brings it to a kitchen drain. Most models of ice maker come with a drain pump installed, which makes the installation of an extra, gravity drain unnecessary.

Invest a bit more money in your ice maker to make sure it has a drain pump installed, which will ensure that it functions better, requires less installation work, and is less likely to leak. Attach the ice maker to your cold water line with a compression fitting.

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  5. Run your cold water line from the pipe to the back of your under counter ice maker. Gently insert the copper piping into the fixture on your ice maker. Carefully tighten the compression fitting to secure the connection. To make this connection simple, drill dime-sized holes into the sides of your cupboard with an electric drill to easily thread the copper tubing through it. Wear safety goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from any wood particles that may fly into the air while you do this. Put the ice maker into its place under the counter.

    Under-counter ice makers are typically very heavy, so have a friend or family member help you move it if necessary. Once the cold water line is attached, lift the ice maker and gently fit it into its designated spot. As you move the ice maker, be sure to slowly pull the piping out through the holes in the sides of your cupboard to keep it from getting stuck under the machine.

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